Who we are

The founder of the company, Dr. Dimitris Poursanidis, establish the firm back in 2008. He identify a gap between the research and applications community in the field of marine ecology and conservation in Greece and start working towards bringing downstream services from the one field to the other. As such, several projects in the private sector are based on well-established ecological protocols and monitoring tools, tested so far in several countries.

Since now, scientists and technicians with background in Ecology, Forestry, Remote Sensing, Physics, Scientific and Technical diving, Economics and Sociology along with Enviornmental law combine their knowledge to fulfill client's requirements.

Lifelong education is the core of the team; as such, new skills and technological advances are followed in a continuous manner in order to be in the forefront of the scientific disciplines that modern projects demand.

Dimitris Poursanidis


Kostas Mylonakis

Head of field operations

Spyros Christofilakos

Geospatial Data Analyst

Klara Thiele

Markos Digenis

Marine Ecology Data Analyst

Eleni Papaki